Do I have to pay a fee?

Yes. We need to pay the room rental, and the only BGB's economical source are the members.

How much is the fee and which are the benefits of becoming a member?

10.-/month/person and it is payed annually. As a member your are entitled to participate in any tournament or contest that we organize. You can also take home any game of the growing BGB games library (called Pool of Games) for free, and bring it back within the next two sessions. You have also access to the Spielbox magazines and, upon request, keep its promos. And of course, you can come to all our meetings to play many new games and meet interesting and welcoming people.

How much is the room rental?

60.-/evening. Payed by the association.

What happens if I do not have time to assist the meetings or I don't like it and I want to quit but I already payed?

Easy, we return the money for the remaining months upon request.

Where does the money go if there is plenty for paying the room rental?

This is a non-profit association. Therefore we do not get a cent from this money. If at the end of the month there is money enough we can organize events, as tournaments or barbacues. All the money is invested in the association and, as a consequence, in the members themselves.

What would be the frequency of meetings for playing?

We are now following a twice-per-month schedule, the second and fourth Fridays of each month. But see the schedule published in the section Activities

Why is not done in someone's house? I offer mine!

That's a very nice offer, but we think that is better to be as independent as possible. It might happen that the host is not avaliable while the remaining people is. Therefore, we think that a neutral place, where any member can access within the scheduled time, is a more reliable and confortable option.

And what about going to a bar?

Definitely no. First, the atmosphere is not as private and relaxed as in a room specifically intended for gaming. Second, I won't feel confortable playing several hours in a bar without consuming, which is not cheap! Therefore, in one hour you'll probably spend more than the monthly fee of the association. Third, boardgames and food or drinks in the same table are not a good combination, and, at least for my games is forbidden.

Can children join to the association?

At this moment no. Only people older than 18 can join. There is plenty of options for children (i.e. Game libraries, Family centers, Quartiers, etc...), while there is no so much for adults. Therefore, this association is meant for adults and wants to offer the possibility of brain-melting hours of strategy.

How serious are you taking this?

Absolutely serious. The associations in Switzerland can be as powerful as political parties. Of course, that's not our intention. This is a gaming association! But we follow the rules. We have our statutes and the standard organs as Executive Committee and General Assembly. Most of this will be transparent to the members, unless they want to take a deeper commitment.

What happens if we're 12 (or 20) persons that want to play the same day?

We split. We have games enough to allow several groups to play in paralell. Also, it's unlikely that everybody can come to all the sesions at the same time. The room is open during the scheduled time (from 19 to 22) and people can come in play and leave whenever they want.

Who founded this?

We are Hirginia and Rubén, a married Spanish couple living in Basel since 2010. Hirginia is pianist and self-employed. Rubén is astrophysicist working in the Universität Basel. We both love to play boardgames and our interest in the field was boosted when we came to Basel. Right now we have a respectable collection of more than 250 games that we are happy to share with other members in the meetings.

Can I bring my own game to the meeting?

Of course! In fact, everybody is expected to bring games they want to play if they have interest to play with new people, to test it with a different number of players or to try a brand new game that has been recently bought.

My question is not listed here. Where can I ask for more information?

You are welcome to write to info@boardgamebasel.ch