BasGame 2015

BasGame 2015

2. Basler Brettspieltag

Saturday, June 6th in  Unternehmen Mitte  (1st floor) 11.00 - 20.00

Gerbergasse 30, 4001 Basel
Next June 6th, the BoardGameBasel association will organize an open free-entrance event (BasGame) where everybody is welcome to play board games with friends and family. The BasGame hosts two parallel events: an open Boardgaming Day and a board game tournament (see rules below).

Open Boardgaming Day

Either if you are curious about the world of modern board games, or if you are already an expert gamer that loves endless strategic hours, you will have a spot in the BasGame. This is a wonderful opportunity to try new games and meet new people! You can come in, select one of the games we offer, or ask for suggestions to our friendly staff, and start playing right there. Easy, comfortable and funny.
The event open doors at 11.00 and will close at 20.00. Nine hours of friendly playing, brain training and new-world discovering. All for free.
Bring-your-own-game concept
We think that this is also an opportunity for all those people that have wonderful games at home and never find the suitable amount of players to enjoy them. This is your chance! Not only you can play with the games we will provide, but you can also bring your own games and play them with your own friends or with new people. Take benefit from this opportunity, as we are not only offering games, but also the place and the atmosphere for you to enjoy an unforgettable boardgaming evening.

Swiss Qualification Tournament

We will host also a board game tournament. The winners will be able to represent Switzerland in the Europe Masters Championship held in October in Essen (DE).
This year's games will be Village and Kingdom Builder.
You can visit the  Tournament Rules section  to know more about this.


The event will take place in the beautiful first floor of Unternehmen Mitte. Gerbergasse 30, 4001 Basel.
You can find us  here :

BasGame crowdfunding campaign in We Make It.

BasGames is a reality this year. If after coming to see us you wonder who to be grateful to for such a wonderful and memorable day of gaming, well the answer is our generous donors from the crowdfunding without whom BasGames 2015 would not be taking place. We certainly thank them from the bottom of our hearts.

Stefan Bächler · Marc Baumann · Dana Blume · Harvey Bowen

Eva Cabezón · Rubén Cabezón · Michelle DiPietro · Alexander Dyas

Tom Felber · Ramón Ferreté · Martin Hagen · Thomas Huter

Janene Liston · I.L. Escudero · Tommy L. · Laura Luque

Robert Polster · Rhum · Lorenzo Romeo · Juliane Siebourg

Nedim Ulusoy · Alejandro Vallejo · Hirginia Vallejo

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